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Laptop Repairs and Upgrades

At BenIT we have over 20 years experience in fault finding and fixing laptops. From broken screens, broken DC sockets, hard drives to cases and hinges.No matter what your issues are we are sure to offer a solution. We provide a fast low cost service with free call and collect and a no fix no fee policy.



Having Problems With Your Laptop?

Computer Slow And Unresponsive

Is your Laptop slow to start, takes an age to shut down or even freezes? This could be due to a virus or spyware infection or even a faulty hard drive

Hard Drive Problems
  • Laptop not starting up? Laptop HDD problems are usually caused by a faulty IDE Controller, HHD connector on the motherboard or a Faulty HDD. Common symptoms are
  • Operating system not found
  • Ntdlr missing
  • HDD hanging
  • Clicking noise from HDD
  • Whining noise


Screen Malfunctioning

Broken or cracked screens are easy to diagnose but does your laptop have white lines, ghosting, screen flickering, black screen or is it just very faint. In most cases the lcd is faulty but we test both the invertor or backlight for function.

Power Problems
If your laptop does not turn on it could be the DC jack connector. Does your charging light come on? If you touch the cable does it go out? if so it could be a loose dc connector

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We Repair all Major brands of Laptops & Tablet Computers

We repair all major branded laptops including Acer, Lenovo, Dell, Compaq, Asus, Sony, Hewlet Packard, Toshiba, Apple, Alienware
If you are looking for laptop DC chargers and accesories we can provide for all the popular makes